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Zapping (2007)

This small work reflects about one of the most trivial gestures of present time (inexistent until few years ago) called 'zapping'. The act of changing a channel on TV with the simple press of a button, uncovers the interesting promiscuity of a countless number of emissions that have nothing in common. All transmit what they believe, the best they can, without noticing that 'by the side', other station can be bribing the viewer for a diametrical opposite field! The capacity to hop in this Kingdom of Specters from wave to wave, from state of mind to state of mind, at the rate of more than fifty per minute it's fascinating and places us really close to the divine gift of ubiquity! 

"What happens when, in the suppression of great partings, everything becomes equally close and equally distant? What's this equality where all becomes neither distant or close, as if it had no distance? Everything withdraws to monotony and uniformity of what has no distance." 


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