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"espectros" (2024)

“espectros” reveals new music for piano, recitative, and electronics. Bringing two words into play, the title invites the listener to discover resonances and musical spectrums across its echoes, timbres, and listener’s memories. The present release introduces an anthology of contemporary Portuguese music, with selected works by Solange Azevedo, Inés Badalo, Hugo Vasco Reis, Luís Antunes Pena, and Bruno Gabirro.
Echoes or resonances may or not be explicit in the recording. While “Metamorphoses and Resonances”, “mar”, “sobre a brevidade” and “per piano” expose an inevitable relation with a wide and resonant space, “A Torre da Barbela”, “Libro de Arena”, “K.U.L.T” and “Ace2” promotes pleasing sonorities and textures, being its voices, electronics, field recordings or expanded techniques for piano, embracing new spectra in combination of musical identities.


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"(Flut)uações" (2022)

The music of (flut)uações invites the listener to savor ever-changing combinations of sonorities of flutes, percussion, cello, and electronics. The title (flut)uações—a fusion of two similar words of different linguistic provenance: “flute” and “flutuções” (“fluctuations” in Portuguese)—signifies a presence of one instrument, the flute, emancipating itself to reverberate through others, in a cyclical and spontaneous conversation.

"LAB" Ricardo Pinheiro & MIguel Amado (2020)

For this laboratory, created from scratch, Ricardo Pinheiro & Miguel Amado brought compositions by both and invited two of the most interesting young musicians of the new generation of national jazz, saxophonist Tomás Marques and drummer Diogo Alexandre, both winners of the 2019 edition of the Young Musicians Award in the "Jazz" category.


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"Incógnito" (2011)

Music by Paulo Amorim

Complete Guitar Works by Paulo Amorim


The choice of name for this record reflects the author's compositional path throughout his career: a relatively well-known musician in his home country of Portugal with a "bag of compositions" never played by other but which, little by little, have been capturing the interest of fellow musicians and critics alike. These "Complete Works for Solo Guitar" date from 1997 to 2010.

incognito paulo amorim.jpg

"Página Esquecida" (2010)

Entirely dedicated to Portuguese music of the 20th century, in the instrumentation of cello and piano as well as cello solo, this double CD sets itself the task of presenting this repertoire and disseminating it as widely as possible. When selecting the pieces, care was therefore taken to bring together only the best quality (according to the artists' assessment) in this field. The ambition of the two musicians is to free Portuguese music from the label of the "forgotten side" (Página Esquecida) within the current international music world.


"Trio Mediterrain" (2006)

Portuguese contemporary music for Clarinet, Cello and Piano, by Laura Ruiz Ferreres, Bruno Borralhinho, Kim Barbier & Pedro Ribeiro.

trio mediterrain cd.jpg

"RAUM - Sete Pecados Mortais" (2005)

Portuguese Jazz Ensemble.

Paulo Dias Duarte - Guitar/Composition
Manuel Luís
Cochofel - Flute
Gonçalo Conceição - Clarinet
Nuno Gonçalves - Bass Clarinet
José Meneses - Alto Saxophone
Eduardo Lála / Luis Cunha - Trombones
Fausto Ferreira- Piano
Mário Franco - Contrabaixo
João Lencastre - Bateria

raum cd001 peq.jpg
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