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Tales from the Plastics Age (2023)

"Tales from the Plastics Age" is a captivating narrative through the tangled web of our complex relationship with plastic. In a time where plastic has become inseparable from our daily lives, this photographic journey tries to underscore a love/hate affair where convenience and pollution dance in a delicate balance. We marvel at its versatility while recoiling from its environmental toll.


These visual narratives tell stories of convenience and consequences, of marvel and miseries. We witness the relentless innovation that brought plastic to the forefront of modern living, interwoven in the ever-escalating environmental toll. It’s a reflection on an era where our lives are entangled with this ubiquitous material.

Beyond the surface, it delves into the darker shades of this paradox. Much of our plastic waste is quietly shipped to impoverished nations, a stark reminder of global inequality. It's a problem we export, shielded from its impact, further deepening the divide.


As a twist of irony, this photographic project takes a stand against plastic's grip. It's composed entirely of AI-generated images (Midjourney), showcasing the creative possibilities of technology without a single piece of plastic involved.


"Tales from the Plastics Age" prompts us to reflect on our past and chart a sustainable course for the future. It’s a visual dialogue on the legacy of plastic, calling for responsability, awareness and a renewed commitement to protect our planet.


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